Unproductive was…interesting. Initially, I was not sure of the premise, but soon realized the obvious correlation to the title, in that TV students are unproductive because they cannot seem to separate their personal lives from their professional life. The characters are incredibly quirky and outright strange, which, if I am honest makes for a fun production group, but they do not seem at all motivated to actually work, with the exception of the transfer student, Bracha. The break up of Ben and Cate is a hindrance to the team’s productivity, and an utter annoyance to Professor Parker. Their break up is not only affecting them negatively, but the entire team: the constant blow ups in front of the production crew, Ben’s best friend, Theo harboring a grudge on Cate and internalizing the break up when it has nothing to do with him. The list goes on. At any rate, productivity, teamwork, focus/concentration, and knowing one’s position on the job seem to be the key themes in the first four episodes.

There are a few backstories in the series, but Ben and Cate’s stand out most due to their effect on the team. Their break up is a focal point as to why the crew is failing to get any work done. Bracha is the new transfer student, who obviously knows her stuff as far as TV goes, but she does not know much about the break up and why it is heavily affecting the teamwork. She also seems to come from a traditional Jewish family. Dave is also Jewish, who is the producer of the crew, but clearly is not doing his job nearly as well as he should be. Theo is…well I am not exactly sure of Theo’s backstory, but as mentioned earlier, he is Ben’s best friend and aggressively sides by him on the whole break up fiasco.

So far, I have not connected with any of the characters. They are a bit over-the-top at times, but if anyone is close, it would be Bracha. She has her quirks, but is quite composed in comparison to the rest of the team. She has drive and focus, and knows that there is a time and place for everything. I like Professor Parker because even through her no-nonsense persona and threats to fire members of the crew, she sees their potential and keeps them around anyway. And the next would probably be Dave simply because of his witty humor. I am not necessarily discrediting the rest of the cast. I think they are smart and would be an exciting group to work with, but until they learn not to personalize things on the job, they will continue to have problems with productivity.

Episode 3 is the most interesting to me because we see Dave and Ben chatting with Bracha and possibly initiating a friendship, Ben in particular. It almost makes me wonder if their scene in the office is a precursor to a dating relationship, especially considering Ben’s current “vulnerability” (and petulance) after Cate broke up with him.

I have a premonition and hopes that Cate and namely Ben’s emotions over their break up will eventually settle, allowing the team will finally work effectively and cohesively once again. Cate does not seemed all that bothered except for when Ben causes a scene. I think there is a slight spark between Ben and Bracha, and although they might not have romantic feelings or enter such a relationship, Ben’s friendship with her might help him move on from the break up. Bracha is a focused student who I think will be essential to bringing the team together.

Or I could possibly be reading too much into their shenanigans, which is somewhat of a habit!


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